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    Chiaro Sortion

    Requirements:iPhone®, iPad and iPod touch® running iOS 8 or above

    Languages: English Italian Portuguese

    Chiaro Sortion lets you do sortitions, raffles and more. To getting started, define the numbers. You have to define the minimum and maximum number. If you define 2 as the smallest number, Chiaro Sortion won't generate any number less than 2 and if you define 10 as the maximum number, Chiaro Sortion won't generate any number bigger than 10.

    You may also clear the results. To do this, just tap the button "Clear Sortion".

    You may also save the sortion on a database. To do this, tap the button "Save Sortion", then just write the sortion name. To see all the saved sortions, just tap the button "Saved Sortions". You will see a list of saved sortions, tap one of them to see its details such as the date it was saved, numbers sorted and name. There's also a button to delete a specific sortion.

    You may also roll dices. You can use up to 6 dices.

    You can also generate random names. So you can generate not only numbers, but also groups, people, teams and anything you can imagine.

    You can also shake the phone to generate a random number, name or roll dices.