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    Constellation is a powerful, customizable and complete catalog platform for the iPad that provides your sales team a constellation of opportunities! Constellation is intended to be used by the pharmaceutical industry, book publishers, clothiers, electronic devices manufacturer and everyone who has a sales team!


    Constellation is very powerful and complete. What if it has features you don't need or doesn't have all the features you need? Consteallation is totally customizable. Everything from the interface to the features will be customized to match your needs, including language, icon, name and so on.


    Not only Constellation is password protected, but in case anyone from your sales team has lost his or her iPad, it's possible to lock the app remotely. If you lock an iPad on the easy to use web administration section, the next time the iPad connects to the internet and Constellation is open, it will quit and never open again on that iPad. What if the iPad is found? Simply unlock it from the web administration section and re-install Constellation.


    Everything is organized and easy to use on Constellation. Your sales team shouldn't have to deal with a lot of marketing materials floating around the screen. Everything is organized in categories, products and product details. With more organization, it's easier to use, being easier to use, your sales team will get more done, getting more done means more sales.

    Promoted items

    Say you want to help your sales team to show the right marketing materials to your customers. Constellation has a section called "Promoted Items". Just answer a few questions and some marketing materials will be shown depending on the answers.

    A lot of file formats

    Marketing materials can be used in a lot of formats, including PNG, PDF, JPEG, GIF, MOV, MP4 and so on. You may even create interactive marketing materials by using HTML and Javascript. Constellation also provides a Javascript API containing functions that will allow your materials to use certain device features. The Javascript API can also contain custom functions to match your needs!


    It's not that hard to have, say, over a hundred products. Sometimes, your sales team might want to show just certain marketing materials. In this case, sales people may save materials as favorites. Favorites are also categorized by lists, which are designed to make the life of your sales team a lot easier.


    Say you need to add or remove a marketing material from Constellation. It would be very hard if you had to update the app on each iPad. Marketing materials may be updated from the easy to use web management section. You may simply delete and create new categories and products, add marketing materials to them and even update useful information like the phone number list. All your sales team has to do is to connect the iPad to the internet and press the update button and everything happens, like magic.

    Sales team log

    How do you know if your sales team has shown your customers the right marketing materials? How do you know that they even showed them anything? Constellation saves a log containig everything your sales team has done on the app(including GPS coordinates*) and sends it to you. You may view the log on the web management interface. And best of all, your sales team doesn't have to know they are being monitored.

    Your platform, our technology

    We also offer special plans for agencies and resellers. You may resell Constellation to your customers with your own brand, or, in case you wish, the Constellation brand may be used. Contact us for more details.

    *It's not possible to add GPS coordinates to the log on WiFi-only iPads as they have no GPS.