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    FireRocker HD

    Requirements: iPad running iOS 4.2.1 or above.

    Languages: English

    FireRocker HD lets you listen to over 1600 stations on your iPhone or iPod touch including ESPN, Antenna1, CNN, BBC, Virgin Radio, Absolute Radio and many others for less the cost of any of them alone!

    On the top of the app you will find information about the track and the station being played. You may save song as favorites on a list, get the song on iTunes, pick a random station by shaking your device(or by tapping the "Random station" button) and even record the audio! The cover art for the album of the track being played is also displayed.

    There are over 1600 stations available for you. If you cannot find the station you want to listen to, just use the search bar on the Stations section. If you still cannot find the station you want to listen to, you may add it to the stations database. You can also share the station with other people.

    Other radio apps will let save a station as favorite. With FireRocker you can create many playlists of stations as you want! So you can, for example, keep the stations your children listen to separated from the stations you listen to.

    Say you listened to a song and you like it, but you couldn't check out its name as you were busy doing something else. Don't waste your time trying to remember the lyrics! Instead go to the Track info log and find the information about every single track played previously.

    Would you like to record a song or a radio program? Just tap the Start Recording button on the top of the app. When you decide to stop recording, tap the Stop Recording button. But wait, that's not all. Say you don't want to mix 2 songs on the same audio file, you may enable an option that will make FireRocker automatically split the files. After a file is recorded you may send it by e-mail to someone else, rename it, delete it and play it!

    Do you want to listen to radio while doing other stuff on your iPad? FireRocker can play audio in background on iPads running iOS 4.2.

    -Beautiful icon and interface
    -Shake to listen to a random station
    -Listen to audio in background
    -Listen to over 1600 stations
    -Create radio playlists
    -Add stations just by providing its name and URL(and share it with others if you want)
    -Record audio
    -Split recording when track info changes
    -Send recordings by e-mail to anyone
    -Get song on iTunes
    -Save any track info on a favorite list
    -Log of all tracks played previously
    -Update the stations database without updating the app

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