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  • Chiaro Software - Metropolis - The WordPress client for the Mac
    Requirements: Intel or PowerPC Mac running Mac OS X 10.4 or above. A WordPress blog is also required. Certain features may require internet connection, a and/or a Twitter.

    Languages: English Japanese German Portuguese

    Create and edit posts and pages
    Metropolis has a full featured(and usable) WYSIWYG for editing posts and pages. Just like any other native Mac application, Metropolis supports drag and drop. You can drag links, images, text and so on.

    The editing window also has checkboxes for enabling comments and trackbacks. Fields for tags and for a custom post slug are also available.

    If you like the old way of editing posts and pages, Metropolis also has a HTML editor. Did I mention you can switch between editors with a single click? And there's syntax coloring too!
    Work offline
    Nowadays internet connection is available in most places, however there are still a few places like airplanes, boats and trains where it usually isn't available. You can work on posts and pages offline just like you were online. Even images can be added to the post/page and uploaded when you publish your post or page. And best of all, that works for images too!
    Being social is very important nowadays. That's why Metropolis has Twitter integration. When you create a post, you can automatically post it to your Twitter account.

    It would be also cool to know if your posts are popular on Twitter. You can get a list of people who tweeted the link to your post by going to the social tab. Just select the post, click on the Twitter button and on refresh. Results will automagically appear.

    If you want to give something away to those who tweeted your link, Metropolis will generate random names from the results retrieved from Twitter. It's also possible to save the random name list for future reference.

    Metropolis is integrated to So it's possible to see the stats for your shortened link.

    What's the goal of using a blogging client if you have to login to your blog all the time just to manage comments?

    Metropolis can approve/unnaprove, edit, delete and even reply to comments. You can also configure to it look for comments every X minutes. When it finds new comments, it displays a notification on Notification Center. But don't worry if you're using anything that came before Mountain Lion. Instead of Notification Center, a window similar to it will appear.

    Oh, and there's Gravatar support too!
    Other features
    -Full screen support. And it works on Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard too!
    -Protect Metropolis with a password, so no one else can open it.
    -Create a custom preview template just by using regular HTML and CSS. Each blog can have its own template!
    -A post signature which can include day, month, year and the current song on iTunes.
    -Possibility to configure if you want checkboxes like 'Allow comments', 'Share on Twitter', 'Post signature' and 'Allow pingbacks' to be checked by default. It's also possible to configure the default post status for each blog.
    -Customize the colors used on the HTML syntax highlighting.
    -Add and manage as much blogs as you want!
    -Search for posts, comments, pages, local drafts and Twitter links.
    -Retina display support.
    And a lot more...