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    Our first websiteAugust 28 - Our first application was sent to Apple and our website was finally online.
    Chiaro Tic Tac ToeSeptember 8 - We've released our first product. Chiaro Tic Tac Toe is a very fun and addictive tic tac toe game. Multi-player support and 3 different themes are just a few of its features. The goal of this app was to learn more about the App Store and to start on the iPhone market.
    Radio Tool XOctober 13 - We've released our second app. Radio Tool X was a very simply radio app, with very few features. Its biggest problem was because we've made a big mistake on its foundations. It was very unstable and didn't have a good interface.
    MoneyMaker XOctober 16 - A new app got released. MoneyMaker X is an ebook with many tips of affiliate programs and other ways to make money on the web.
    MoneyMaker XDecember 30 - MoneyMaker X 2.0 was released. A better interface and a few more tips were added.
    Radio Tool X LiteJanuary 4 - Radio Tool X lite was released. Radio Tool X 2.0 was submitted first, but for some very weird reason, Apple approved the lite version first. It had all features Radio Tool X 2.0 had.
    Radio Tool XJanuary 7 - Apple finally approved Radio Tool X 2.0. The update made it very stable and fixed a lot of bugs. Foundations were rebuilt from scratch. A better interface was another new feature. It also allows you to save an unlimited number of stations as favorites(you couldn't save more than 20 in the first version).
    Chiaro Easy-HashFebruary 20 - We wanted to start developing Mac apps. Chiaro Easy-Hash, a very simple hash generator was released. It allows you to generate MD2, MD4, MD5 and SHA1 hash just by clicking on a button.
    SuperPing ProMarch 9 - Another simple Mac app was released. Super Ping Pro allows you to ping any IP address. We've been questioned about the name, as it's a very simple app. It was hard to pick a name because every single name we thought about was already taken.
    Radio Tool X DeluxeApril 12 - The iPad had just been released. Radio Tool X Deluxe was our first iPad app. It came with 6 different skins. You could also save stations on 5 different playlists. 213 stations. A very good iPad app. Radio Tool X Deluxe has been on the top 100 on the Music category in the United States.
    BlueMoon AppApril 16 - Our first Mac shareware was released. BlueMoon App is a very nice customer management app.
    WebsiteApril 16 - Our new website came out.
    CoalitionFilmJune 28 - We joined a non-profitable event called Coalition Of The Willing. It's a movie about the global warming. The iPhone app was created and published by us.
    FireRockerAugust 24 - Our first killer app was released. FireRocker came to replace Radio Tool X. It is full featured. Record audio, create playlists, over 1600 stations and a very beautiful interface are just the beginning of the feature list.
    FireRocker HDSeptember 2 - FireRocker HD was finally released! It replaced Radio Tool X Deluxe. It has all the features FireRocker has and is pretty much the best radio app for the iPad.
    FireRocker HDNovember 29 - iOS 4.2.1 introduced the multi-tasking support on the iPad. FireRocker HD was updated with multi-tasking support. The update also fixes a couple bugs.
    FireRockerNovember 30 - Some bugs were fixed. Retina Display support for the English version was also introduced. Portuguese translation has partial Retina Display support.
    New websiteDecember 13 - Our new website went online.
    FireRockerJanuary 5 - FireRocker for Mac was released.
    ResonanceAugust 29 - Resonance is a colaborative film about sound. We developed and published its iPhone app. The app has a lot of features, such as wallpapers, ringtones, artists information, the movie itself and much more.
    Dafiti PeopleDecember 10 - Dafiti people is a recruiting website we created for Dafiti. Job openings may be posted and edited, people may apply for jobs, institutional content is available and so on. Everything is done in a easy-to-use web interface.
    RebifMarch 15 - Marketing materials for a medication called Rebif.
    ConstellationMarch 17 - Constellation is a powerful and customizable catalog platform for the iPad. It has many features such as shopping cart, promoted products, password protection, user log and so on.
    TNTMarch 11 - TNT is a very nice looking URL shortener with cool features.
    MetropolisApril 20 - Metropolis is a smart and powerful WordPress client that features offline support, pages, comments, posts, Twitter integration and more.