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    And we're back!

    After a long time of hiatus, we're finally coming back to business. Most of our apps are currently broken and do not work on current versions of iOS and macOS. Today we finally released an update for Chiaro Sortion that not only was re-written from scratch, but also works on current versions of iOS.

    But what happened that made you guys stop operating?

    It all started with a stolen backpack containing two laptops and a hard drive with backups. Despite knowing the identity of the thief, an Albanian named Emirjan Prela and even finding him on Facebook, the Italian police did nothing about it. In certain countries things don't work at all and unfortunately being in the wrong place without your things next you adds to the problem.

    But didn't you have a backup somewhere else?

    We did, but unfortunately it was corrupted. Basically, now the work is to re-write everything from scratch. What makes it even harder is the fact that we do not have many of graphics, RSA keys, among other things. Given the amount o work, motivation was a problem.

    But we decided to come back and released an update to Chiaro Sortion. The update adds a totally new interface, a nice icon and support for Italian and Portuguese. I know the next question everyone will ask is: why is that app so skeuomorphic? Let's say I'm not a big fan of flat design and came across the same problem many designers are having: every single app looks the same. Since we want to stand out somehow(even if that means going against a trend), we decided to stick with skeuomorphism.

    Some might ask, why Chiaro Sortion? We know that FireRocker and Metropolis had a lot more users, but those are very complex apps and we decided to start by the ones that take almost no time to re-write. This will be a complicated process, but we hope everything will go alright.

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