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    Introducing Constellation

    Catalogs on the iPad are getting a lot of hype. And that is happening for a reason. Digital marketing materials have a lot of advantages over the paper ones like interactive materials, more organization, helping the planet, having to carry less paper, more complete and accurate materials, just to mention a very few of them.

    So today, we're proud to announce Constellation, our new catalog platform for the iPad that is intended to be used by your sales team. "But there are several other catalog platforms for the iPad", you might be thinking. In fact, there are no platforms like Constellation. Why? Continue reading and you will find out.

    Customization is the key ingredient of Constellation. There are several other platforms out there that will simply give you the same app with different PDFs. Constellation can be customized to match your needs, from the interface, to the features.

    Nobody wants to see a lot of icons floating on the screen. Unlike other platforms, there's no mess in Constellation. Everything is organized under categories and products.

    Constellation is also very secure. It's password protected and in case an iPad is lost, it's possible to block that iPad from using Constellation. This can be done on the very easy to use web administration section where you may also update the marketing materials.

    Another key feature of Constellation is the user log. How can you be sure that your sales team is showing the right thing to your customers? I mean, how can you be sure that they are even using the app? Constellation stores an user log, which will be sent to you each time the iPad connects to the internet. The log contains everything, from what the user has oppened, to where the user was. This is possible by sending the GPS cordinates to you. And, best of all, your sales team doesn't need to know that they are being monitored.

    These are just a few features of Constellation. To see all it can do for your business, check out the product page. We also provide special plans for agencies and resellers. Please contact us for more details.

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