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    Introducing Metropolis

    Today, we're proud to release Metropolis, our newest Mac app. Metropolis is a smart and powerful WordPress client that offers features like offline support, possibility to edit pages, comments and posts, Twitter integration and more.


    One thing we noticed about other blogging apps is that they do not offer much. Usually, they are just a window with a limited and unusable WYSIWYG editor(drop down menus suck). Due to the lack of the hability to manage comments, you could never become much independant from the web admin. They also don't offer much more than the web admin. Metropolis has several features that the web admin doesn't, such as the hability to create and edit posts and pages offline and Twitter integration. Metropolis not only also allows you to approve/unapprove, edit, delete and reply to comments, but also notifies you when there are new comments.

    Metropolis has a lot of cool features, but the most notable one is Twitter integration. When you create a new post, you can automatically post it to your Twitter account. All you have to do is to mark a checkbox and Metropolis does everything for you. But it doesn't end here. Nowadays it's not unusual to see bloggers giving stuff away to people who retweet the link to the giveaway. Before Metropolis, you had no choice but using a social tracking service. Metropolis not only allows you to see who retweeted your link, but it also allows you to generate random names from those who did it. And you can even save the results for future reference!

    Other features include full screen support, the possibility to protect Metropolis with a password(for Macs with multiple users), a HTML editor with syntax coloring support(colors can be customized via Preferences panel), drag and drop support and a lot more.

    There's a lot more we could say about Metropolis, but seeing it with your own eyes is way better! Get your copy from the product page today! Metropolis costs just $19.99 and you get free updates and customer support until version 2.0 is released. You can also download a 7 day trial for free.

    mack burnham said:
    I would like to test Metropolis. I have a blog. When I try to intall my blog on Metropolis, it instantly responds "server can't be reached". Is this because I have downloaded the Trial version?
    Chiaro Software said:

    It's likely you typed the wrong blog URL. Your WordPress installation could also be lacking xmlrpc.php. We just emailed you so we can assist you to solve the problem.

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