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    Meet TNT

    Today we're proud to announce the newest member of the Chiaro family. Our newest product is called TNT. TNT is a very nice URL shortener with some cool features.

    Most URL shorteners out there are just some plain white website with a text field. TNT has a less-minimalistic design. Basically, its look shows our love for noise.

    It has several nice features, such as URL stats and custom URL aliases. Some features help people to find your link. For example, there's a top 10 rank. The most visited links will be displayed on it. Another cool thing is a random URL button. But if you don't want your links to be shown on the top 10 or be found using the random URL button, you can disable those features when you shorten a URL.


    Developers will also love TNT. It has an easy-to-use API. Every method can be used with GET. No oAuth. And best of all: there are no API limits.

    To use TNT, just visit We hope you enjoy it. Feedback is also welcome!

    John Persson said:
    way better than bitly
    Sargan Johnson said:
    I used to use, but TNT is *MUCH* better. It has a lot more features and looks much better. is ugly. :P
    mark bright said:
    can i use json with the api?
    Chiaro Software said:
    @Mark For now it's XML only. In the future, JSON *MAY* become available as an option.
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