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    Say NO to SOPA

    US government has came with an evil bill called SOPA. It basically gives the government the right to take any website down without prior notice if they think it's related to piracy. Basically, you're guilty until you prove you're innocent. If this bill passes, the internet as we know will be over.

    SOPA means Stop Online Piracy Act. Its goal is to end piracy online. The problem is that it gives too much power to the government and a lot of things are considered piracy. For example, if you've recorded a drunk friend of yours saying something weird in a bar and Start Me Up is playing in the background and upload it to Youtube, you're commiting an infraction because of the background music. This is totally absurd, isn't it?

    While we do NOT agree with piracy, we also think that SOPA is an abusive bill. Unlike many companies, we decided to not take this website down in Jan 18th as a protest, instead we're incouraging you to protest on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Don't forget to visit this website and protest. The future of the internet depends on people like you.

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